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In our 3-hour beginner course, you'll learn the basics of 3D printing and design your first structure, which we'll send to you. Dive with us into the practical world of 3D printing.


Delve into advanced 3D printing with our specialized courses: 3D Design, Printing, Scanning. Choose your category, expand your knowledge and skills. Achieve success through practical learning in just a few sessions!


Kickstart your career with our expert training courses! Choose your specialization, benefit from practical training, and get ready for your first "Jobs from WE4ALL"!

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WE4ALL Education is fully committed to making the offerings accessible to as many people as possible.


Visit our Berlin branch for an intensive learning experience. Come to us in person, talk to our knowledgeable instructors, and take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities. Completely hassle-free and personalized.


Bring‘ unser Fachwissen zu dir nach Hause! Lad uns in deine Einrichtung oder dein Büro ein, und wir werden den Kurs vor Ort durchführen. Profitiere von einer persönlichen, auf deine Bedürfnisse zugeschnittenen Schulung in den eigenen vier Wänden.

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A selection of testimonials

Robert Hohlbaum

Student Entrepreneurship Advisor at TU Berlin

„Der Kurs hat mir sehr gut gefallen, in drei Stunden habe ich viel über 3D-Druck gelernt.“

Burghard Anders

Specialist Advisor for Training and Further Education

„Die Schulung war sehr gut, ich habe viel mitgenommen und habe den Eindruck, dass die anderen das auch so fanden.“

Kerstin Josupeit-Metzner

Manager & Speaker

„Es wurde ein guter Gesamtüberblick geschaffen und Probleme, die entstehen können, direkt aufgegriffen.“



The theory section spans one hour and provides an in-depth introduction to the fundamentals of 3D printing. We cover topics such as requirement definition, 3D design, and 3D scanning, with a focus on a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical underpinnings. Our experts guide the participants through the key concepts and answer questions to ensure that everyone understands the basics.

In the section on practical examples, we immerse ourselves in the real-world applications of 3D printing. Showcasing a diverse range of examples from innovative industrial projects, creative craft ideas, to emerging startups, and individual user experiences, we illustrate the multifaceted nature of 3D printing. This enables participants to recognize the diversity and potential of 3D printing in various contexts.

Practical examples

Do It Yourself“

This section represents the pinnacle of our training, as participants put theory into practice. Within an hour, participants design and print their own 3D models. Our trainers assist them with the initial steps and impart practical skills, enabling each individual to independently navigate the world of 3D printing.

In the takeaway section, participants learn how to take their own 3D files with them. This section also includes practical tips on preparing and initiating 3D printing. At the end, participants take their printed models home, highlighting the personal achievement of this interactive part of the training.

Take it home


Explore our Advanced courses, designed to elevate your 3D printing skills to the next level. After mastering the basics in our beginner courses, our Advanced courses offer targeted deep dives into specific areas of 3D design, printing, and scanning. Choose one of the following courses to expand your knowledge and skills:


Immerse yourself in the world of advanced 3D design and create parts that are optimally suited for 3D printing. In the theory section, you will learn all about various types of design software, their differences, and applications. You will become acquainted with design strategies and rules that are specifically relevant to different 3D printing materials and technologies. Practical examples and interactive exercises allow you to directly try out various 3D design methods while creating your own design. At the end of the course, you will be able to take not just files with you but also proudly present your own 3D-printed creations, which we will send to you.

Dive deep into the world of 3D printing technology. Covering various 3D printing technologies, machines and software, materials, and printing strategies – this course provides a comprehensive overview. Practical examples and exercises, tailored to your focus areas, deepen your understanding. In the do-it-yourself section, we prepare 3D designs for different 3D printing technologies, and you can take your printed parts home.



Discover the fascinating world of 3D scanning. In the theory part, you'll learn about different 3D scanning methods as well as scanners and their functions. Practical examples from the industry illustrate the possible applications. In the do-it-yourself section, we work with a 3D scanner and scan various objects to apply different scanning strategies. You can take the scanned data with you and prepare it for 3D printing.


Our expert courses offer in-depth insights into specialized areas of 3D design, printing, and scanning. Conducted by external experts, they focus on advanced techniques and industry-specific applications. A solid understanding from our previous trainings is a prerequisite. If you have mastered the basics, I invite you to delve further into the fascinating world of 3D printing.

Expert 3D-Design

Discover our expert courses in the field of 3D design! After acquiring the basics in our beginner and advanced courses, we offer you the opportunity to further deepen your knowledge. Choose from various external providers in the 3D design sector and decide for yourself which area you would like to explore in more detail to expand your expert knowledge.

Immerse yourself in our expert courses in the area of 3D printing! After mastering the basics in our beginner and advanced courses, we offer you the opportunity to further deepen your knowledge. Choose from various external providers in the 3D printing sector and decide for yourself which focus you want to set to deepen your expert knowledge.

Expert 3D-Print

Expert 3D-Scan

Discover our expert courses in the field of 3D scanning! After acquiring the basics in our beginner and advanced courses, we offer you the opportunity to dive into the world of 3D scanning. Choose from various external providers in the field of 3D scanning and set your own focus to further expand your expert knowledge.


The starting point.

Over the past months, we have conducted numerous test runs and courses to experiment with various teaching methods and content, aiming to find the best way to convey comprehensive learning materials. We are pleased with the positive feedback and are implementing suggested improvements to continually enhance the quality of our courses. But that's not all – after each course, we collect detailed feedback from participants, analyze it meticulously, and adjust our educational system accordingly. In this way, we continuously learn and improve, enabling us to offer consistently enhanced training sessions. It's a genuine win-win situation for all involved!

In the future, many additions to the program and new courses/offers will follow. Our goal with WE4ALL Education is to create a comprehensive 3D printing learning platform, making 3D printing accessible to everyone and stimulating growth by highlighting the incredible benefits and immense potential behind the technology.

What's next?

Discover your skills in 3D printing! Our training sessions not only make you an expert but also open the doors to exciting career opportunities in the booming 3D printing industry.

Hone your skills through our hands-on beginner and advanced courses. With WE4ALL, we connect your unique talents with the perfect 3D printing jobs.

Start your own projects, be in demand as a 3D designer or offer your production capabilities as a 3D printing expert. Everything is possible with us!

And for the future, evolve and become a teacher! Your expertise could be the key to becoming the next 3D printing professionals.

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