With 3D printing technology, you materialize your project in a fascinatingly efficient way! However, it becomes frustrating when errors occur during the application and time, money and nerves are wasted. Experts work almost flawlessly, but becoming one requires time, money, and nerves.

Frustrating 3D printing mistakes

How are we so familiar with this frustration?

  • Over 8 years experience in 3D design & printing
  • Conducted 15 UX testing events with startups, SMEs, designers, and producers
  • Participated in over 100 pitching events with data and market insights
  • Support for 10 satisfied customers

Our solution

WE4ALL transforms hardware SMEs' frustrations in using 3D printing into successful expert-level projects.


WE4ALL bundles all requirements for the application of 3D printing technologies on one platform, connects 3D designers, 3D printer producers with customers and thus creates a unique way to implement 3D printing projects. 


At WE4ALL we focus on our customers and for them we remove all barriers to the use of 3D printing technology. Our vision is the democratization of 3D printing technology. 


The core of our platform is the matching tool. It systematically records the customer requirements and matches them with the designer capabilities and the 3D printing capacities of the producers. Once a match has been made, a workflow is automatically created and offered to the customer.


We generate matches and offer workflows!


Straightforward 5-step process

Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you can design your own 3D printing workflow with our simple 5-step process.

Flexibility and adaptability

You can recall, repeat, or adjust your 3D printing workflow as needed at any time.

Sparen von Nerven, Zeit und Kosten

With our support you save nerves, time and costs together with the experts.

Creative development

The simplicity of our service allows you to freely and creatively develop your ideas.

Professional support

Our experts are here to help you bring your 3D ideas to life without complications.

Infinite possibilities

Discover the many benefits of 3D printing and the limitless possibilities it offers.

Together we realize your 3D ideas on an expert level!