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How we democratize 3D printing


3D printing usage is easy only for experts! You are not an expert? Then you will definitely find someone on our platform who can help you!

WE4ALL helps you with a match to find the right experts for your individual project and implement it completely.

Easy, transparent and clear.

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The workflow

It sounds like a lot of work to bring your ideas to life with 3D printing. But with our proven workflow, your idea will soon be much more than just an idea!

1. START - Bring your idea to life!

Materialize your idea with 3D printing - whether it's a hand sketch, description or image. No previous knowledge necessary, we accompany you from start to finish.

2. MATCH - The perfect team for your project!

Use our web form to enter your requirements. Our autonomous matching algorithm will select suitable designers and producers who will create a custom quote for your project. Give us your "GO" and start your project!

3. DESIGN - The realization of your vision

The designer receives your requirements and works on the design process. You have up to 3 customization options to make your vision perfect before you give your OK.

4. PRINT - 3D printing in action

The selected producer receives the design and starts the printing process according to your requirements.

5. PRODUCT - Your 3D project in your hands

WE4ALL takes care of all communication, implementation, processing and shipping of your 3D project, so that you soon have the result in your hands.

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